Jot Stylus


No more finger painting

It’s funny how technological trends come full circle. First, there was the age of the Palm PDA, where we used a stylus to tap away at our busy schedules and we learned the single stroke gestures of Graffiti to be able to write notes quickly. Then we moved to Blackberry with the keyboards and the… trackball. (Fans of xkcd know what we really wanted to type there.) And now, we have our iPhones and Androids and we’re happily dragging our digits across the screens and calling it revolutionary.

Sure it’s revolutionary, but as anyone who has tried to play DrawSomething on their phone can tell you, we all have fat fingers. The Jot Capacitive Touch Stylus is here to save you from your clumsy hand sausages. Just pop open the Jot and you’ll immediately feel like you’re holding a familiar ballpoint pen – because you are! The durable aluminum and steel exterior gives Jot superior conductivity while feeling like a luxury writing instrument in your hand. You’ll be sketching like a artistic boss in no time.

Product Specifications

  • Stylus for your smartphone or tablet
  • Captures the precision stroke of everything you write or draw
  • Thin and clear disc gives you accuracy at up to a 40 degree angle
  • Quality craftsmanship, feels like a luxury writing instrument
  • Materials: Durable aluminum and steel for superior conductivity
  • Protective cap sits on the back of the pen while you write
  • Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices (smartphones, tablets, iPod Touch, etc.)
  • Note: Jot works well with the majority of screen protectors, except the following: Zagg Glossy, Ghost Armor, Bodyguardz, Skinomi, Wrapsol

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