Tiny USB Car Power Adapter


Juice your gadgets without losing a cup holder

Tiny USB Car Power Adapter

One of the best things about technology is watching new devices shrink in size as time goes on. Remember how big cell phones were back in their infancy? They were practically bricks and could only barely make phone calls. Now we have phones that are handheld computers and cameras, and handheld computers and cameras that occasionally make phone calls when the stars align. *cough* ANYHOO, one such device that is finally shrinking to a manageable size is the car power adapter.

Say goodbye to the clunky chunks of plastic and metal that blocked the driver’s side cup holder! The Tiny USB Car Power Adapter fits snugly into the cigarette lighter, jutting out just enough for you to be able to pull it out. But you won’t want to do that! You’ll be thrilled to have a charger that you can use to power up your phone or phone-like device, mp3 player, or other electronic wonders. You’ll be even more thrilled that you can still fit your giant +32oz Vessel of Caffeine into your cup holder for those long drives. Perfection.

Tiny USB Car Power Adapter
  • Tiny USB power adapter for your vehicle
  • Fits snugly into your cigarette lighter
  • Charge your phone or other USB devices in your car
  • Super-low profile: doesn’t jut out and block cup holders
  • LED power indicator
  • Input: 12V – 24V
  • Output: 5V
  • Power Supply: 500mA
  • Dimensions: 1.75″ (4.4cm)

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