Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor


Better than fish and custard

  • Collectible sonic screwdriver from the TV show Doctor Who
  • Made by the TARDIS, used by the 11th Doctor
  • Green light and sonic screwdriver sound effects
  • We’ll admit it, we magically teleported to the UK to watch the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who before it aired in the US. We just couldn’t wait. And there was The Doctor, so young, so new, so… was he seriously eating fish fingers with custard? (Do fish have fingers?) Gross. Sadly, his old sonic screwdriver was destroyed during his confrontation with Prisoner Zero in the village of Leadworth. But never fear, the TARDIS was nice enough to make the doctor a new one! This makes us a bit jealous – after all, how cool would it be if our cubicles sprouted new laptops every time the old ones went all wibbly wobbly?Doctor!This collector’s item is an exact replica of the Gallifreyan multipurpose tool used by The Doctor himself. He’s had many sonic screwdrivers throughout his life and they’ve all been a little different. This particular model is a bit larger than the old one and has a bright green light. Our replica has spring loading extending action and two ways to make timey-wimey noises. While the screwdriver is closed, just press the button on the side to activate the LED and sound effects. Flip open the cap on the end to reveal an additional button that will activate the light and sound effects when the screwdriver is extended and open. We’re not sure if you’ll be able to save the world, but at least you’ll look hip trying.

    Product Specifications

    • Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Replica
    • Great collector’s item or costume prop
    • Dual-wield sonic screwdrivers with the 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver – whoa.
    • May or may not fix stuff in the real world (YMMV)
    • Approximately 9 inches long
    • Batteries included! (3 x L1154 batteries)

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