Withings Smart Baby Monitor for iPhone


Monitor your geekling, or keep an eye on your stuff

  • Monitor from anywhere with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • Texts you alerts for motion, sound, temperature, and humidity
  • No baby? No problem! This is an amazing webcam, too.
  • Want to catch up on work but need to keep tabs on your geekling too? Withings Baby Monitor makes it easy with their app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Just look at the things it lets you do:
    • Watch high-resolution video (with pan-tilt, zoom, and night vision!)
    • Listen in on your baby with crystal clear sound
    • Play lullabies with the touch of a button
    • Talk soothingly to your baby from across the house (or across the world)
    • Turn the nightlight on or off
    • Receive alerts for motion, sound, temperature, and humidity changes

    Withings Baby Monitor is awesome for parents who travel or nights with a babysitter or at Grandma’s house! Nothing beats the peace of mind you get being able to peek in on your geekling any time you want. Check the tech specs here for all the goodies!

    But wait! You don’t need a baby to use this amazing device. It is a high-quality webcam and its wireless nature makes it a handy spy camera if you want to keep an eye on your roommates, officemates, or other unsavory characters.

    Product Specifications

    • The most amazing baby monitor EVER. Ever, srsly.
    • All features can be used via your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
    • Monitor your geekling from anywhere in the world
    • 3 MP high definition video with pan-tilt, zoom, and wide-angle
    • LED infrared night vision up to 5 meters with automatic activation
    • Crystal clear sound so you can hear baby and baby can hear you
    • Multi-color LED nightlight
    • Sends text alerts for motion, sound, temperature, and humidity
    • Free & secure WithBaby account can be accessed by up to 3 caregivers
    • Totally wireless, Li-iOn battery charges via micro-USB

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