10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats


Think you know cats? We’ve got some unusual cat facts that may surprise even the most dedicated feline lover.

1. Cats Communicate Via Nose

Nose-to-nose greetings between cats are unusual, as it puts both in a vulnerable position. However, cats who know each other well but have been apart for a while feel safe enough to do this to confirm visual recognition and gain information about how the other cat is, where he has been and what he has been doing.

2. A Cat’s Purr Isn’t Always Good

Purring usually indicates contentment, however, a deep purr can also indicate pain. If you know your cat well you will be able to tell the difference in his demeanor.

3. Cats Prefer Baby Talk

Cats appear to retain their kitten vocal signals to communicate with their owners, but they use an adult repertoire of sound with other cats.

4. Cats and Chocolate Don’t Mix

Like dogs, cats can also get sick or die from eating chocolate.

5. Cats Don’t Always Nap

Cats like to nap rather than sleep but if relaxed enough to enter a deeper sleep, they produce the same brain wave patterns that we do when we dream.

6. Cats Don’t Always See Eye to Eye

Cats blink and narrow their eyes when they accidentally make eye contact. To make friends with an unfamiliar cat, blink and look away when you catch his eyes

7. Cats Require Positive Reinforcement

Cats cannot understand punishment as humans do, they must be praised and rewarded for desired behaviour instead.

8. Cats Clean Their Teeth with Meat

Giving your cat a strip of raw meat everyday to chew on will keep his gums and teeth in good condition. Suitable meats include poultry, rabbit, or beef that has been deboned.

9. Cats Enjoy the Sun

If your cat appears to be able to tolerate heat very well this is because the ancestors of cats were originally desert-living animals.

10. Cats Purring Remains a Mystery

Scientist still do not know exactly how the purring sound is made, although some believe that it originates in the cardiovascular system rather than the throat.



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