Husky Dog Protests Against Taking a Bath


A chubby Husky dog named Aurora is leaning over the edge of a bath tub while it is being filled with water. The man holding the camera urges the pet to get in it so that she can get cleaned. The canine protests loudly against that, steps away from the tub and sits on the tiled floor. The person points towards the water and repeats the command. The Husky cries again but puts her front paws on the edge of the tub as if she is about to go in. The owner attempts to nudge her in with his right foot but instead of that she walks towards the door and cries some more. The same routine repeats a few more times and it seems that Aurora really does not like taking baths. She is quite cute and the sounds that she makes when she is complaining and begging her master not to make her go in the tub are very sweet and funny. At least the man gets some entertainment while waiting for his pet to take a bath.


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