Download Windows 8 Official Themes By Microsoft

Windows 8 is one of the best operating system by Microsoft. Windows 8 released on oct 2012, with lots of new features like Metro UI, New task manager, Sky drive, and others. Windows 8 OS is also available for tablets and Windows phones.

If you don’t have Windows 8 download it from here.


Well I’m impressed with windows 8 new User Interface (start menu or metro UI), Speed and performance  Windows 8 boots in 8 seconds and you can download thousands for free and paid apps from windows store. According to me Windows 8 is better than previous version of windows 7,Xp, and vista.

Let’s come to our post, Microsoft official website released with bunch of new free themes for Windows 8 Operating system. You can download official windows of 8 themes on there page . Microsoft Website added 13+ different category themes on their page. Some themes are compatible with Windows 7 OS.



Download Windows 8 Official Themes By Microsoft

You can easily download Windows 8 themes from Microsoft website. Just select your desired theme and Click on Download button.


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