Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmark shows eight-core processor and 13MP camera

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hype continues. Shortly after its teaser video this morning comes the results of a benchmark reportedly run on a Galaxy S4 handset.

The Antutu benchmark lists the Galaxy S4 as having the long-rumoured Exynos 5 Octa processor with four main 1.8Ghz cores and four low power ones. The Galaxy S4 also appears to support all major networks with the latest Exynos processor, making it a true world phone while its predecessor the S3 was running Qualcomm and Exynos innards in different regions.

Still, there have been rumours of niggling problems with the Exynos 5 prior to the S4’s launch, so there could still be a few Qualcomm handsets in the pipeline. But we digress. There’s also mention of a 13MP camera which matches up nicely with our predictions.

2GB of RAM and the long-rumoured 4.99in full HD display also make an appearance in the benchmark notes, making the S4 a powerful beast, on paper at least.

the article originaly came from Bilawal shams



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