Google Glass battery add-on might triple its battery life

Owners of Google Glass like to talk about how amazing the mini display is, and how responsive the voice command is, even in noisy areas. But beyond these wearable computer innovations there remains the issue of practicality in terms of everyday usage. According to many Glass owners, the battery life of the device is limited, allowing for only short bursts of video recording before the device needs a full recharge. One inventor has come up with what could be the perfect solution to the device’s power consumption issues.

Designed by inventor Kevin Alan Tussy, PWRGlass is an external battery pack being promoted as an add-on to Glass that would triple its battery life. And while he is only showing off a 3D rendering at this point, Tussy claims that the device will pack a 2,000mAh lithium batterie and have the ability to allow a user to charge both the add-on and Glass simultaneously via one USB cable.

Explaining the inspiration behind the product, Tussy said:

“There are so many great apps for Glass in the works, people are going to want to use it all the time. But you can’t use it all the time because of battery life. I saw the need and solution as soon as the internal Glass battery died on me. I got to work and had the design for a battery-packed retainer strap in my patent attorney‘s hands that same night.”

The inventor is also exploring another version of the device that would add more storage capacity to Glass (currently limited to only 12GB of internal storage). No price or launch date has been announced, so at this point we can only view this as a concept device, but if it becomes a reality it would almost certainly be popular among Glass users looking for a little more juice to power their life-streaming

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