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50 Fantastic iPhone Gadgets & Accessories

Although we’re primarily focused on software at AppStorm, it’s important not to overlook some of the amazing hardware and physical accessories available for the iPhone. Today I will be outlining 50 different gadgets and gizmos that can add extra functionality to your iPhone or iPod touch. Accessories are broken down into different categories; speakers, earphones, …

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Light Show Fountain Speakers

Your own Bellagio Watch the water bounce to the beat Compatible with all USB-friendly devices Lights & water show timed to your tunes As geeks, we find Las Vegas to be a fascinating city. For starters, we get to indulge our picky eating habits at giant buffets. Then we can observe legions of people at …

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Kiwi Wifi iPhone Car Diagnostic Kit

Check Engine? WTF does that mean? With just the Kiwi WiFi and a single app, you could be monitoring tons of vital data about your car’s performance. Know exactly what that Check Engine light means, keep an eye on your fuel efficiency, and much, much more. If you’re not a car geek, the light that …

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