Is a Big ‘Star Wars 7’ Announcement Coming May 4th?


May 4th is known globally as  Star Wars  Day. And it has been long rumored that this will be the date that LucasFilm and Disney finally make their big casting announcement for Star Wars: Episode VII . New sources have come forward to confirm that. Though they claim the studio will hold off on an official title announcement until Comic-Con in July.

Of course, this is all conjecture at this point. Neither Disney nor LucasFilm have confirmed any of this to be true.

The same thing was said last year around  Star Wars  Day, and May 4th came and went without a hint of what to expect. Not much was revealed all throughout 2013, and we’re already five months into 2014 without much more to go on.

This May 4th could be a different story, though. Disney CEO  Alan Horn  recently confirmed that most of the cast was in place…

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