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The Ultimate Collection of Spy Gadgets That Actually Exist in the Real World

Technology.am — Spy gadget is a gadget which is used to stealthily keep an eye on someone. These kind of gadgets don’t generally come in the minds of the public. These Gadgets are so designed that nobody can know that he or she is being spied upon. There are many gadgets which fall in the category of …

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Raspberry Pi Camera Modules To Launch In April

Last month the Raspberry PI foundation announced that they would be launching a new Raspberry Pi camera modules, and now they have released some more details about this camera accessory for the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry PI foundation has said that they have sent of the first camera boards for theRaspberry Pi camera modules to be …

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iPhone Viewfinder And Daylight App Unveiled

If you miss putting your eye up to your smartphone camera, as you would do on traditional cameras, or simply would like to view what you are taking in bright sunlight a little more easily. You might be interested in a new iPhone gadget which has been created by Photojojo that allows you to use …

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