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iPhone Viewfinder And Daylight App Unveiled

If you miss putting your eye up to your smartphone camera, as you would do on traditional cameras, or simply would like to view what you are taking in bright sunlight a little more easily. You might be interested in a new iPhone gadget which has been created by Photojojo that allows you to use …

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StickNFind – Tiny Bluetooth Stickers Ensure You’ll Never Lose Anything Ever Again

Losing things stinks and there are few gadgets that actually allow you to use your iPhone to recover something you’ve lost. That’s why we we’re excited to run across the StickNFind on crowdsourcing site Indiegogo. The StickNFind works by placing a small Bluetooth sticker onto a remote, pet’s collar, or even your child’s backpack. You …

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Smartphone Controlled Insectoids

Creepy crawly fun 8 directional controls for realistic scurrying action Works with iOS and Android mobile devices Control with the free Insectoid app Creepy crawly fun There are many R/C devices: helicopters, tiny helicopters, cars, tiny cars, robots, tiny robots… but now you can have your very own overgrown insect! Unlike creatures with wheels or …

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