If you are feeling that your Hard Disk working very slow.
It is very common that our Hard Disk performance become very slow that our task take more time to process.  Slow speed of Hard Disk is its slow read and writing performance. We can increase its speed by some change in the code noted below.
Flow these easy steps:-
1). Click on “Start”
2). Press “run”
3). Write “sysedit” in run command
4). Press “ok”
(Some multiple small windows will open/appear on screen)
5). Select (SYSTEM.INI) window.
6). After the line “[386enh]” press enter to create new line space below.
7). Write/copy this code/ text and paste it in new line [irq14=4096]
8). Then go to “File” and “save” it.
            (Reboot your computer and you will feel your Hard Disk performance will increase).


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  1. Great advice you have here. all the more, a great blog..

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